Strategic Communications Advisory Brisbane | Cairns | Port Moresby

Organised | Sportsman | Rock Star


Career path

Growing up in with a Mother and Father in the film industry mean’t advertising and TV production was always part of my life growing up so when i joined an ad agency shortly after leaving school i just went with it.

Joining Colony

After many years of working with a variety of multinational agencies the idea of working and collaborating day to day with the actual owners of the business is fantastic. Great down to earth people with an innovative approach on how they immerse themselves in their clients business.

What do you do

With an ever increasing agency workload I enjoy keeping the workflow of the agency running smoothly.

Fav part of your job

I’ve met & worked with so many fantastic people over my career. The best part of my job has always been that I touch every facet of agency life and interact with everybody in the agency everyday.

I love being in an busy environment and work best on the edge of kaos so looks like I’m in the right place.

What get’s you excited

Fixing problems! I like to be the calm one while all around you is crazy.

Outside of work

I love music and I love sport. I’ve played in a band with the same friends for 35 yrs. we’re called “Pharquar”! I also play tennis and football twice a week and get to play competitive oz tag with my 2 teenage sons 

Living in Bris

I’m Brisbane born and bred, All my friends and family are here and that’s all I need.

Dream job.

I still haven’t given up on being a rock star (I can alway get a wig).

Tell us something about you that no one would ever guess just by looking at you.

I’m actually 23!